Making a Difference

On October 2, 2012 I was called by a friend to help rescue five (5) dumped dogs from the side of the road. They were beautiful Collies. Three adult females and two male puppies. When I arrived the adults kept running out into the road checking out each car that drove by. One of the puppies was so sick it could not walk. The other was not in much better condition. I picked them up and put them in the back of the truck they were all timid but came to me slowly as I called to them.

I had just put one on the adult females into the truck when a car came down the road and the other two dogs proceeded to run out into the road. I flagged the car to slow down and watch out for the dogs so they wouldn’t get hit or cause an accident.

The gentleman in the car pulled over and asked if I could use some help, to which I replied yes I could that I had two more to catch. I explained that the dogs had been dumped and I was with the Northside Pet Connection and had been called to rescue the dogs. I told him that the Northside Pet Connection is not a rescue group, that we are a spay/neuter voucher program. But that we are often called to rescue dumped dogs here in the foothills.

We poured some water into a small cup and were able to get the last two dogs to come to us. I picked them up without any problems and placed them into the truck with the other dogs. We then put more water into a cup and all five dogs tried to get their heads into the cup at the same time. The gentleman was able to come up with another half bottle of water for them as they went through the small amount of water that I had with me. They were so deydrated.

The man, I found out later his name was Kevin, asked if he could take pictures of the dogs to put on face book and I gladly said yes. He took pictures and I thanked him and then we parted company.

I went to Melynda’s house, she had called me about the dogs after her husband and son’s had found them on the side of the road on the way to school. Melynda came with me as we took them to the pound in Jamestown since they were on the Tuolumne county side of the line.

Luckely Melynda had called and spoken to Will Glover of the Huname Society of Tuolumne County. He is the Shelter Supervisor and he said that once the dogs were released from the pound he would take them in and try to find good homes for them. He met us when we arrived at the pound.

One of the puppies had to be put down as it was to far gone. But the other dogs are all fine now and up for adoption.

I had to get the truck cleaned out with bleach due to the fact that the puppies had parvo virus. I showered, changed clothes, then went and got my dogs 7 way boosters and Melynda did the same. We want to help in situations like that but we want to protect our pets too.

We found out later that there had been one other puppy found that had to be put down from the same group. The pound officials told us that they had been dumped from a puppy mill. The females had been over-used for breeding and the puppies were sick.

How can people be so cruel? Please have your pets spayed/neutered. Help us save lives donate to theNorthside Pet Connection.

Lorrie McClary
Northside Pet Connection