Thank you from Socks!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity for your donation of $200..00 toward Sock’s care.  I am on disability and you brought relief to a financial burden.
Socks and Peaches
I want to give you an update regarding Socks.  About 11 days ago he had an eye removed due to glaucoma.  He is under a year old.  Glaucoma is not common for a young cat.  I had been treating him for an eye problem with ointment that had been prescribed by a different vet than the one that removed his eye..   That vet did not test for Glaucoma.  He did well in the surgery.

Prior to the eye surgery, Socks was missing for over a week.  I had been looking for him for several days.  I had accepted that he was dead.

Socks surprisingly showed up at my door step.  He had difficulty walking and he appeared injured.  I took him to Mono Way Vet immediately.    After testing, they diagnosed him with ataxia and Glaucoma.  He was immediately hospitalized and placed on antibiotics and IV fluids.

There was a possibility that the ataxia was caused by an infection.  After a week his ataxia had not improved.  At this point it was assumed that the ataxia was caused by trauma.  There was no way of knowing for sure since there is no machine that performs CT scans in this county.

The vets at Mono Way did not think the Glaucoma was causing the ataxia.  However, we all agreed to remove the defective eye just in case.  At this time the vet thought I would need to put him down if his ataxia does not improve and if he is suffering.

Socks had his follow-up visit yesterday.  I am happy to report that his ataxia has improved.  Although we do think it is trauma related and not due to the Glaucoma. He surprised the vet!  We think he will continue to improve over time.  It takes a few months for the nervous system to heal.  He will have his sutures removed from the eye surgery on Thursday.

Socks has had much TLC and prayers during this time.  He loves being held and does not appear to be in any kind of distress.

Socks is a rescue.  He showed up at my house around February or March this year.  He was just a kitten.  In this picture, I was unable to touch him.  I could only talk to him.  If I came toward him, he would run away.

I have an older cat named Peaches. Socks immediately fell in love with her.  He brought out her playfulness and she helped me tame him.  It took me awhile to tame him enough to take him to the vet in Sept. to get his shots.  He was scheduled to be neutered this month until this event happened.

My initial plan was to tame Socks and find him a home.  However, when I witnessed the bond between him and Peaches, I didn’t have the heart to separate them.  Of course, I too had bonded and you know the rest of the story.

I will send you an updated picture after his stitches are removed.

Laquitta Andrews AKA Koya


Update from Koya  (Sock’s mom)- 11/19/17

Socks had his sutures removed from his eye surgery.  He is adjusting to having only one eye.  His nervous system is going to take some time to heal, but he is navigating around the house.  As you can see, he is happy to be reunited with my older cat, Peaches.

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity!  Your continual prayers and good thoughts for his full recovery is appreciated.Socks and Peaches

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