Board Meeting Minutes

Northside Pet Connection Minutes

January 5, 2015

Meeting called to order at 5:08 p.m. by Kara.

Members present: Kara, Tom, Carmel, Kathleen, Jeremy and Amy.

Minutes accepted by Tom and seconded by Carmel.

Treasurer’s Report: no new members

Ending balance is $18,389.19

Treasurer’s report approved by Amy and seconded by Kathleen.

Tom volunteered to call members that would like to renew their membership.

Spay and Neuter Report: 20 vouchers given out for January

Old Business: Kathleen stated that her friend Ira will be available to use his truck as a drop off spot for the pet food pantry. For the fundraising idea of pancake breakfast, it has been stated that the cost is too high and need more members involved.

So far, we haven’t had any luck getting in touch with Nina, in regards to facebook administrator. Paula Scofield, maybe the Facebook administrator.

Correction from Decembers’ minutes, members can donate towards pet food pantry in any amount.

Jeremy brought in his laptop to show us the new website for Northside Pet Connection. The website address is The pages for our new website include: contact, donation, and a form to new members. He can setup a Paypal or Amazon smile account for members and this can be used to renew membership or for donations. He would need their email or mailing address. NPC needs referral number to see if we’re receiving new members from the website. Jeremy would like to setup a vet page with their addresses, bio and a google map.

Kara will send Kathleen a copy of our last newsletter to add to the website. Jeremy would also like to add Lorrie Sues’ tractor injury story to the website; this story is a wonderful showing of how our pets look out for us. We can add the veterinarians to our newsletter and our new website..

Tom will call, Coulterville Event Calendar; to have NPC put on their list of meetings, mention the towns that we service and our future events. Their number is 878-3704.

Thank you, to Jeremy for all his hard work on our new website.

Meeting adjourned at 6:03 p.m. by Kara

By Amy C. Hicks

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