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Northside Pet Connection (NPC) News

The big news from NPC is, unfortunately, not good. Our Board of Directors made the difficult decision to cancel the yard sale, normally our biggest fundraiser. Usually held in June, last year’s income from the sale was nearly $2000! The simple fact is we don’t have enough volunteers to get the job done.

Someone has to be on duty every day the week before the sale to receive items from donors, then organize and price everything. There is obviously work to be done on the two days of the sale, then we have to dispose of leftover items, normally by giving them to another charity. We are certainly grateful to the many people who have given us their cast-offs to sell, and we hope you will find other ways to support NPC so we can continue our vital work of helping northside communities control their populations of unwanted dogs and cats.

NPC needs membership renewals and more volunteers!

You may recall that NPC now gives out 20 vouchers each month, and the value of each voucher has been increased so that it almost covers the full cost of the spay or neuter procedure, depending on the veterinarian. To obtain a voucher call 732-6194.

Once again, we would like to encourage our members who have not yet renewed for 2015 to do so, and we would like people in our reading audience who realize the importance of our work to join NPC. For general information about NPC, call Carmel at 878-3134.